Spring Production

Our next main Production will be "The Lady Killers" adapted for stage by Graham Linehan from the classic Ealing Comedy "The Lady Killers". Graham Linehan has written many great comedy series, probably most famous for "Father Ted".

It is being directed by David Barron. David has only been involved with the Radlett Players for the last production. Here he played Sir Leo Buchanan in 'Laying the Ghost'. However David is an experience actor and director and has been involved in a large number of productions with many societies.

The auditions have been completed and the cast will be as follows:-

Constable Macdonald played by Eric Howes

A regular beat copper. A flatfoot.

Mrs.Wilberforce - an elderly person played by Kim Wedler

This person dithers but not a doddery old person.

Professor M - the mastermind played by Mark Bundy

The mastermind and villain mostly confident with a sharp mind.

Major Courtney - the unconfident confidence trickster played by Willum Scott

Probably never been an actual Major. Weak, unsure but completely charming.

‘Arry’ - the petty crook played by Sharon Chernick

The true spiv. A cheeky chapess.

One-Round - the heavy played by Elliott Cohen

The sensitive soul. Lost in his own world.

Louis - the assassin played by Val Penketh

The professional. Cool. Detached.

Mrs.Tromleyton played by Sandra Anders

The bustling neighbour.

General Gordon - the parrot played by Jane Myers

A good Squawk required!



The production will run from Wed 3rd May to Sat 6th May 2017 starting at 7.45 p.m. in the Radlett Centre.


Bookings available from Radlett Centre Box Office.

Telephone 01923 85 9291. Also on their Website www.radlettcentre.co.uk

Tickets are £14 (concessions £12 Wed and Thur)