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20th November 2002






First congratulations to Philip Eastburn and his team who brought off “Blithe Spirit” so successfully.

I have heard nothing but praise from the people who have seen it – phrases like “the best thing I’ve seen” being common.  The critique on Page 2 of the “GO” section of the Watford Observer on 15th November really says it all.  What perhaps it doesn’t say of course is how much hard work and surmounting of technical shortages and problems was needed to bring the production to the stage.  A splendid effort all round, but in the end it all came down to Philip to pull everything together as well as directing his cast in their excellent performances.  It has been a great achievement and, what’s more, the production we believe will make a good profit.  We can only say “WELL DONE”.


Music Hall

Things don’t come to a stop however and already we are thinking about the Music Hall in February and more immediately the Get Together, which I hope you already have in your diaries, for Tuesday 3rd December at 8.00 p.m. in the Shenley Chapel.


Margaret Sawyer, our producer, whose telephone numbers are: (Day) 01727 797602 and (Evening) 01727 841594 writes:


“The Old Time Music Hall is back and if you have talent to show, be prepared to show it now – as they say!

For many years, in St. Albans, I ran a small concert party fund raising for a local charity.  Each year we chose a different theme and a few times we did an Old Time Music Hall.  The idea was to produce a high class show and, whilst working hard and playing hard, have a lot of fun.  I intend to bring this recipe for success once again to Radlett.

We have a short rehearsal period from 3rd December to 10th February 2003 to put this show together.  I have prepared four medleys, ‘Hello, Hello’,  ‘Beside the Seaside’,  ‘Maybe its because I’m a Londoner’ and a Jubilee finale.  I have also included ‘Who will man the Lifeboat’ and a Melodrama.  The rest of the programme depends on who wants to join in and what ideas are put forward.  Everything will be considered and if we can’t fit it in this year, we can always plan for the future.

If you don’t want to tread the boards you can still join in the fun by waitressing at the shows or helping with staging, props, costumes, front of house etc.”


Tickets:  The show will run for 5 nights from Tuesday 11th to Saturday 16th February and tickets will be priced at £7 for Tuesday, £8 for Wednesday and Thursday and £10 for Friday and Saturday.  Full details of the seating, box office and ballot arrangements for Players tickets will be given at the beginning of December – they will be similar to what we’ve done in the past.

On this occasion, although there will be the normal bar facilities, the Committee have looked at our now limited resources of manpower – or rather womanpower – and decided we will not provide food.  We just don’t now have sufficient people who can provide 2 hours each afternoon to lay up the tables and  prepare the food.  We have in any case noted a trend in recent years for punters to bring their own food.  There certainly was no problem with this at “Midsummer Miscellany” and the audience will be invited to bring their own this time.



As forecast at the AGM the accounts for the year 2001/2002 have now been audited and if you would like a copy of the audited version please get in touch with Willum Scott (01727 763004)


Property Matters

Philip Eastburn, as our property manager, has surveyed our kit and produced list of jobs to be done up at Shenley, some short term, others long term.  If you can spare any time to help him carry out the various bits of work involved please give him a ring (01923 854520)


Palace Theatre

You may have seen in the Watford Observer the progress of work to refurbish the Theatre.  Funds are still required and there is a Christmas Gala show on Sunday 1st December at the Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth.  If you are interested in supporting this you can still get tickets £15 each from Sally Wilson on 01923 235455.


News of Members

Maisie Sampson, who many of you will know as a staunch supporter out front and with Music Hall preparation over many years, has been gravely ill in Heronsgate Ward of Watford General Hospital where for the moment she remains under care.  We send her our love and best wishes.


Again our congratulations to Philip and to the “Blithe Spirit” team. I look forward to seeing you all on

 3rd December to sing the Music Hall choruses and hear the plans for the show - there will be a bar!