Ian Sutherland,

43,  Goodyers Avenue,



(01923 855944)

24th May,2003





            This missive, quite soon after the last newsletter, has just one main purpose - to remind you all that "Wife Begins at 40" opens in the Radlett Centre in just over a week and that means two immediate tasks for members. The first is that we move into the Radlett Centre on Saturday 31st May to build and set up the production. It would be very good to see a very full turnout of working hands because there is a lot to be done. Please make a point of being there on Saturday even if it's for an hour or so - there will be something for you to do. Start time will be 9:30 a.m.


            The play itself still has us laughing this late at rehearsals and will be well worth seeing. So the second task for everyone is to sell as many seats as possible. The box office in the centre is gradually beginning to fill so please do all you can to get friends, neighbours, relations to put bums on the seats.


            Rosemary Edwards is managing the house for us this time and she would appreciate some more volunteers to sell programmes. If you can help her please ring her on 01923 855065.


           Meanwhile the Society's year draws to a close with the AGM scheduled for 14th July and life must go on. Please think about the issues which have been raised this year and whether you are willing to stand for office.


           Looking to the future the Committee have asked Sylvia Cohen to undertake the Autumn Production in november this year and we plan to do "Hobson's Choice", the well known period Lancashire comedy. More of this later.


           Finally I can't let this letter go without congratulating Radlett Light Opera Society on their production of "Me and My Girl". I don't know how many of you saw it but it was quite splendid - one of the best things I've seen them do. Well done indeed RLOS. Let's ensure that we maintain that "Radlett standard" with "Wife"!





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