Ian Sutherland,

43,  Goodyers Avenue,



(01923 855944)

6th May,2003



NEWSLETTER -  May, 2003


            First an apology.  You will recall that as our next social evening we had planned to hold a second play reading this month and it was to be held in the Red Lion on Wednesday 7th May.  I'm afraid that due to a combination of circumstances,  not least your Chairman's inefficiency,  we have had to cancel it.  I am sorry about this and I hope you aren't too disappointed and that you will have received the information in time.   One of the major problems about that evening is that we are now rehearsing  "Wife begins at 40" on Wednesday evenings,  which of course removes several of the main attenders.


            And so to the Spring production,  which is now only a month away.  Rehearsals are going well ( it says here on the piece of paper the producer has given me !) and are sometimes proving  uproarious.   But there's a lot of hard work involved.  In particular we now need to start preparing the set and to this end we need a working party at the Scenery Store in Shenley each Sunday morning for the next 3  Sundays, i.e.11th, 18th and 25th, May for as long as you can spare,  say from 10 o'clock to 1 o'clock.  Willum will be happy with any help you can give.  The majority of the work will be painting.   Please give Willum a call (01727 763004) so that he has some idea of his helpers.  We move into the Centre on Saturday, 31st May when of course every able bodied player will be needed.


            Meanwhile we must do as much as we can to generate audiences for the production.  Coming on so late in the Spring season or perhaps so close to the start of Summer season people's minds and attention will likely be turned to things other than going to the Radlett Centre.  We must counteract this;  so please start the word of mouth publicity now.  Posters will be available this week from Sue Wood.  If you need more information about the play please give Willum Scott or me a ring or better still come along to a rehearsal at the West Herts Training Ltd premises in Park Street on a Monday or a Wednesday and see for yourself.


            The Quiz Night we held jointly with RLOS last month was a great success with 5 tables of Radlett Players and three from RLOS with the spoils going to one of the RLOS tables.  We cleared nearly £200 for our funds,  split proportionately between our two Societies.  Our thanks go to Jan Keeley for organising the excellent Quizmasters, Annette and Steve Illidge.


Music Hall Photographs  are now available from me for those who ordered them.  I'll try and get them to you but if you are passing by please give me a ring and drop in for them.           



            Next Committee    We are now beginning to think about the AGM and the main business there of formimg the new Committee.  I told you in the last letter that we shall certainly need two replacements for two members who have completed their statutory 3 years.  Jan Keeley, our devoted Secretary,  has decided to stand down so we now need a new Secretary  as well and this is a crucial post.  I will let you know about the remaining posts on the Committee later but please feel free to put yourself forward for selection now.  It would be good to know before the AGM that we have a good chance of a complete Committee.  I know the "play's the thing" but you don't get the play without a team to organise things.


            News of Members.   You might like to know that as this letter hits your doorstep Philip Eastburn will be appearing in the Good Companion's Company's production of "The Woman in White" which is entered in the Barnet Festival.  It runs from Thursday to Saturday this week and tickets can be booked on 0208 959 2194 or I expect Philip can fix for you.  We wish him and his "temporary" company good luck for the run and in the festival.


            Palace Theatre News.   You've probably seen in the local newspapers that the rebuilding work has been delayed by the discovery of the previously unknown Victorian Culverts under the site.  This means that the theatre will not open at the end of this year with the pantomime as planned.  It is now likely to be well into 2004.   Meanwhile there is still the small matter of some £350,000 to raise and fundraising continues in all sorts of ways as does keeping the Palace in the public eye with travelling productions.  One of these is an imaginative production specially written for Clements Store and performed in the store from 12th to 31st May.  There are 2 performances each evening but only 25 tickets available for each performance.  If you would like to chance it you can book your tickets on 01923 235455.  It might be fun seeing that Clements was the original of Grace Brothers Store in "Are you being Served"


            Finally just a reminder about the Players' future programming,   the outline of which I proposed in my last newsletter and which boils down to doing a Music Hall and a Summer Show in alternate years.  If the Society approves this idea it would mean the next production would be a Summer Show being produced in the Summer of 2004 and,  given our experience with the first and the lead time required,  we would need to start work on the show this summer.  This in turn means a firm decision really needs to be taken at the AGM on 14th July.  So please think about it and,  particularly if you cannot make the AGM,  let me know your views verbally or by post.


            I look forward to hearing from you and again my apologies  for the cancellation of the play reading.   Meanwhile please start publicising the play and make an effort to join up with the scenery working party over the next three Sundays.