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21st  February 2003

NEWSLETTER –February 2003

Well, we did it!  The Music Hall at Shenley was a resounding success inspite of our worries about staging, lighting and the limited service we could provide.  Alright, we did not achieve the total sell outs and long waiting lists of earlier years in the old Radlett Hall, but as a spectacular, pleasing show it stands comparison with the very best of our previous productions.  For this we have to thank the vision, perseverance and drive of Margaret and Barry Sawyer;  the Radlett Players are very grateful to them both for bringing home a winner. I pair them deliberately because, as those of you who were part of the show know, they were very much a production team and we were lucky to have them.  At the same time everyone involved played a crucial part in achieving the success and you should all take a pat on the back.  How financially successful we have been and what effect this will have on our future activities, we wait to see!


Nothing, it seems in the Players stands still and we now move on to the next production, “Wife Begins at 40” which will be at the Radlett Centre from 3lst May to 8th June inclusive.  Rather than take space here Willum Scott has written a synopsis of the play, which includes his view of the play and rehearsal plans ,(please see over).  I’ll just emphasise here that the auditions are on Monday 3rd March at West Herts Training offices in Park Street (maps available from me) and, as with all our productions in these days of limited resources, we are looking for everyone to support this production in any way they can.


Our next evening get together will be on Wednesday 12th March at 8.00 p.m. in the Red Lion Hotel in Radlett and will take the form of a Play Reading.  I am asking the Play Reading Committee to mastermind this with a view to us having a look at plays we might do in the future.  I’ll be in touch with more details nearer the time.


The year gallops on and just to remind you for your diaries, we shall be holding our Quiz Night on Friday 4th April in the Village Institute jointly with RLOS – more details later, but start making up your tables now.  Then on Wednesday 7th May we shall have another similar Play Reading – again in the Red Lion.  June will be taken up with the next production and then it’s the AGM on Monday 14th July.

In connection with the AGM, now is the time to start thinking about the day to day running of the Players for the 2003/2004 year and beyond.  Have you been satisfied with the way our affairs have been managed?  Could you do better?  Would you like to have a go?  It would be very good for the Society to have a competition for places on the Committee!

Meanwhile let’s wish Willum Scott, who is undertaking his first play as producer, every success with “Wife Begins at 40” – but remember he’ll need everyone’s wholehearted support.