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25th March,2003



NEWSLETTER -  April, 2003


                There's quite a lot of activity going on at the moment;  hence another Newsletter quite soon after the last.  The main purpose of this one is to drum up participants in the Quiz Evening on Friday 4th April in the Village Institute at 7.30.pm - for the first question at 8.0.pm.  Ideally if you can make up tables of 8 this would make the organisation easier but please don't be put off coming on your own -  everyone can be accommodated.   Please bring your own food and drink.   We have a professional Quiz Team running the show and to defray the costs of the hire of the hall etc. a charge of £5 per head will be necessary  - any profits being shared between us and RLOS.  We shall play Heads and Tails for a couple of appropriate bottles.  If you don't know what this entails come along and find out.  Would you like to let Jan Keeley (853164) or me know if you are coming,  and how many  you plan to have on your table, by Wednesday 2nd April. 


                Last week's Play Reading in the Red Lion, although sparsely attended, was very enjoyable and most useful in giving us some ideas for future productions.  We were able to dip into 5 plays,  the Victorian thriller, Gaslight,  two John Godber family comedies,  Happy Families and                         and two plays by Jimmy Chinn,  Sylvia's Wedding and Take Away Lady.  Plenty of food for thought.


                Meanwhile the late Spring production begins to take shape.  Wife begins at 40,  under Willum Scott's direction,  now has the following cast -  see the February Newsletter for who's who:- 


                                                                    George Harper    -     Seb Blevings

                                                                    Linda Harper     -     Tracy Jenner

                                                                    Roger Dixon     -     Christou Tofalli

                                                                    Betty Dixon      -     Helen Lappert

                                                                    Leonard Harper  -     Andrew Tofalli

                                                                    Gertie, the dog  -     Jemma Scott

                                                                    Bernard Harper  -      Ian Sutherland


The production will be stage-managed by Chris Luck,  assisted by Ian Galley, with lighting by Robin Gwynne,  props by Jan Keeley and Sue Wood,  wardrobe by Sheila Bird,  assisted by Louise Lockey,  and prompted by Viv Harris-Bass.  Rehearsals are under way at West Herts Training Ltd by kind permission of Barry Sawyer.  Give us a week or two and come along and watch progress.


                St John's Church in Gills Hill Lane are celebrating their 50th Anniversary over a special anniversary weekend in September this year.  We have been invited,  along with all the other community groups in Radlett,  to participate on the Saturday with perhaps some entertainment or by taking a stall.  The theme is golden.   We would like to have ideas as to what we could do.  Please put your thinking caps on and give us some thoughts.


                Music Hall Photographs  I will have the sets at the Quiz night to give those of you who have not had a chance to review them a last chance to place your orders.


                Next Committee    It is already clear that there will be two vacancies on the next Committee to be voted for at the AGM in July.  Nigel Schofield and Sue Wood have both completed their statutory three years serving the Players and will be standing down and our thanks go to them for all the work they have done.  I'm delighted to say that Chantelle de Carvalho has altready volunteered to take over Sue's publicity duties but we will still need two replacements.  So please think about volunteering.


                Finally another opportunity for you to do some thinking,  this time about the Players' future programming.  These days we have to book the Radlett Centre up to at least three years ahead for our productions and this,  coupled with the success of recent new developments in our activities,  has made me think that a possible pattern of our productions might be as follows over a two year period starting in September in the first year i.e. at the start of a new year for the Society:-


                                November   -  the Autumn Production in the Radlett Centre

                                January/February    -    Music Hall in the Shenley Chapel

                                May     -    Spring Production (to fit in with Barnet Festival)

                                November   -   Autumn Production

                                March   -   Spring Production

                                June     -     Midsummer Show in the Shenley Walled Garden


It is a proposal which I would like to bring to the AGM in July with a view,  if the Society agrees,  to it being adopted.  So I raise it now so that you can discuss the idea informally when the opportunity arises between now and then.  Of course if this programme is to work it needs the active support of the whole Society -  hence the need for the widest discussion but I must emphasise it is an idea and nothing is set in stone yet.


                I look forward to seeing you at the Quiz Night