Dear Member,


By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the sad news that the Music Hall has been cancelled.  You may have gathered from my previous newsletter that so few people were turning up to rehearsals it was causing serious problems.  After much discussion and soul searching Margaret, Anne and Sheila decided that it was not feasible to put on a show to our normal standard, a decision that I assure you was not taken lightly.


I am particularly saddened that this should have happened to the society after our recent successes, especially as it is unlikely that we will have sufficient members to consider putting on another Music Hall any time soon.  In view of this I asked Philip Eastburn to write a light-hearted ‘tribute’ to the Music Hall, which he has kindly done, and is attached. Attached Piece


I’m sure there are all sorts of reasons why the Music Hall is no longer as popular as it was, but perhaps we just have to accept that things change and its time to move on.  The Committee will be discussing this at length over the coming months and I hope we will be able to put forward some suggestions as to what we can do to mitigate the loss of the show.



Spring Production

Before we get too disheartened it’s time to look ahead to the next production which, as I’m sure you’re all aware, is Outside Edge by Richard Harris.  Anne Clarke is producing and scripts are available from her on 01923 469904.  Auditions are at West Herts Training on Monday 21st March and rehearsals start soon after Easter.  More information on the play and characters next time.


Many of you will recall the success we had with this play some years ago, and I look forward to repeating that this time round.  There are a variety of parts so please take a look at the script and give some thought to auditioning.



Social Events

Once again we are indebted to Rosemary for hosting a superb Brunch on 9th January.  All the usual suspects were there and it was great to see such a good turnout.


As we were expecting to be well into Music Hall rehearsals around now there are no more social events planned until the Play Reading on 9 March at the Cricket Club.  Please make a note in your diaries – more information soon.





Member News

At a recent Committee meeting the reluctant decision was taken to delete a number of members who haven’t paid subscriptions for some time (possibly years), despite reminders.  This will result in a noticeable reduction in the total membership.  Whilst this is unfortunate, I believe the revised list will give a truer picture of the state of the society.



Autumn Production

As promised last time, I’m in a position to announce the Autumn Production, or should I say ‘Productions’, as there will be two of them.  The Committee have decided to put on ‘Black Comedy’ and White Liars’, both by Peter Schaffer.


You may already be familiar with Black Comedy, the one where most of the action takes place in a blackout, but the stage lights are in fact on.  When the lights in the play come back on, the stage lights go out, if you see what I mean.  The companion piece to this, ‘White Liars’ is more of a drama and is probably less well known, mainly because I believe ‘Black Comedy’ is often performed with ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ instead.


Chantelle De Carvalho will be producing ‘Black Comedy’ and yours truly has decided to finally take the plunge and produce ‘White Liars’.  The show will run from 9th to 12th November.



Palace Theatre Tickets

Ian Sutherland is keen to get people to the newly refurbished Watford Palace and has asked me to attach a piece about forthcoming productions – only too happy to oblige! Attached Piece



Props & Things

It occurred to me recently that a number of members are probably holding on to props, costumes etc at home in order to look after them and save them from damage.  Whilst this is commendable I am conscious that we ought to have a record of who has what for future reference.  Can you please let me know (01923 839003) if you have anything of the Players and we’ll make a note of it.


And finally…another long newsletter but at least you’ve now got something to read instead of going to Music Hall rehearsals.


Best wishes