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4th  January 2003

NEWSLETTERJanuary 2003

First of all – a Happy New Year to you all.  Let’s hope we can match the Players “first-half” success in the second half of our year.


Music Hall rehearsals got underway before the Christmas break under Margaret Sawyer’s direction and, with a bit of luck, the main choruses are set – as long as we remember them after the break!  However, now the hard work begins – to refine the choruses and at the same time start to develop the melodrama, the ensemble numbers and solos.

Rehearsals continue at West Herts Training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 6th February, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday 3rd and 4th February, when we have booked the Chapel at Shenley for familiarisation.  We have also booked the Chapel for a costume call/

distribution between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 2nd February.  This latter is to enable you all to collect and try on your costumes from our own wardrobe and we will probably adjust the times later.  Costumes from Homburgs are not being delivered until Friday 7th February and there will, of course, be a call at Shenley after we move in on Saturday 8th February.  More details of this later.

Meanwhile the ballot for tickets has been held – remember to pick yours up from Tina Scott by 4th January at the latest.  Tickets go on sale to the general public at Beaver Travel on Saturday 11th January.  As always the Music Hall needs the support of everyone so please be prepared to help in anyway you can when asked – in particular to sell tickets.


 “BLITHE SPIRIT”, you will be very pleased to know, besides being a great production success, was highly successful financially and resulted in a profit of over 2,000.  This splendid figure is down to good box office and the appreciable drop in rehearsal room costs and transport.  Well done everyone involved again.


Our next social event is the traditional New Year Brunch at Rosemary Edwards house at 3 The Close on Sunday  12th January starting at noon.  Please let Rosemary (855065) or any member of the Committee know if you are coming – better still drop the slip at the end of this letter off to us.  The cost for the invariably sumptuous breakfast and booze will be 5 payable at the door.  Don’t miss the opportunity for a good old gossip too!


We have decided on the production of a comedy by Ray Cooney and two associates, “Wife Begins at Forty”, for the production in the Radlett Centre at the beginning of June. It  will be produced by Willum Scott in his first venture into the directing mode.  There are parts for 4 males and 2 females and it concerns Linda Harper, who starts worrying about the trauma of reaching 40 with 3 years to go: her marriage to staid George is no longer satisfying and she decides to leave.  George moves out instead but when he returns to discuss maintenance they discover that the flames of passion are not quite dead!  Detail of auditions etc. later.

The Programme for the remainder of the 2002/3  season, just to remind you is:

11th – 15th February                                                         MUSIC HALL at Shenley Chapel

Wednesday 12th March                                          PLAY READING in Red Lion Hotel

Friday 4th April                                                    QUIZ NIGHT, Village Institute with RLOS

Wednesday 7th May                                                           PLAY READING in Red Lion Hotel

Monday 14th July                                                     A.G.M. AT Christchurch/St. Johns Hall

I look forward to seeing you at the Brunch



I am coming to the Brunch at 12 noon on Sunday 12th January at 3 The Close.  Cost 5 per head.

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