Dear Member,


The Autumn production is fast approaching and I trust that everyone has booked their tickets.If not, you need to phone the Box Office on 01923 859291.Rehearsals have been going very well and Iím sure Ingrid has produced a show that will have us on the edge of our seats!


Before the main event there is of course the small matter of moving in and set building.This will be happening on Saturday 6 November.Many hands make light work so please do try and make it.Willum has asked everyone to report to the Scenery Store (contact me or Willum for directions) at 09.00am as there is quite a lot of scenery to be shifted to the Centre.



Music Hall

Although Gaslight hasnít gone on yet thoughts are already turning to the Music Hall.The get together is on Monday 29th November at West Herts Training Ė see below for a few words from our Producer, Margaret Sawyer.




The Old Tyme Music Hall is coming around again.We had a wonderful programme last time and this time we must put on one that is, at the very least, as good.For this I need your help.Please let me know if you intend being in the show and if you have any ideas for a solo item, speciality act, barbershop Ė you know the sort of thing.I need to know your thoughts as soon as possible.


For those of you who are new to the society this is an ideal opportunity to get involved without having to commit to a full length play.Even if you donít fancy an individual number we always need people for the chorus, and donít worry too much about having two left feet Ė the steps arenít that difficult!Music Hall is always a fun show to do so please come along to the get together and see what you think.

You can phone me on 01727 841594 or


See you on 29th November 2004 at 8.00 p.m. at West Herts Training.


Iím sure weíll all have a good time!






Social Events

Iím pleased to report that the quiz evening was a great success, despite the unusual venue (my back hasnít recovered from the size of the chairs and tables).My thanks to all the Players that turned up, and to RLOS for hosting the event.


Advance warning that the next social event after that is the traditional brunch at Rosemaryís house, on Sunday 9th January.




The web surfers among you may have already realised that we now have our own website.Iím very grateful to Willum for getting this off the ground and updating it on a regular basis. Next time youíre on the internet, point your mouse in the direction of Ďí and take a look.This is of course a work in progress and we will be aiming to develop and expand on it over the coming year Ė please let us have any suggestions or comments.



STOP PRESS Ė Opportunity to appear on TV !!

I have been contacted by a television production company who are producing a show for the BBC about people with psychic abilities.One of the psychics claims he can channel the spirits of experts relating to specific areas of interest.For example, he claims that if he visits an amateur dramatic group he can channel someone whom specifically relates to that area, eg William Shakespeare.


The producers are therefore looking for amateur dramatic groups interested in taking part in the programme.It sounds like an interesting and fun experience, and of course the reading would be recorded for broadcast.Filming would probably take place during the day and will be in late November or early December, and they require at least 20 people to make it viable.


Please contact me on 01923 839003 as soon as possible if you are interested and available Ė if we get sufficient interest Iíll let the producers know.


See you at Gaslight.